New Law Amends Accessible Parking Spaces

New Law Amends Accessible Parking Spaces

The Texas Legislature has passed House Bill 3163 into law. This bill establishes some new rules for accessible parking spaces. On September 1, 2019, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) will start drafting the rules that implement the House Bill. The new law amends 469.052 of government code. The new rules are:

  • The international access symbol must be painted on the parking space.
  • The words “NO PARKING” must be painted on access aisles next to accessible parking spaces.
  • The signs marking accessible parking spaces must include the penalty for parking illegally in the space. Fines and towing are examples of possible penalties.

Current signs and parking spaces do not need changes until the new rules go into effect. The new rules will be open to receive comment in the Texas Register after drafting and approval by the Commission of Licensing and Regulation.

TDLR anticipates these rules to take effect near mid-2020.

Government Code Sec. 469.051 indicates that while TDLR is the enforcement agency for this section of the code, “the appropriate state rehabilitation agencies and the Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities shall assist the Commission in the administration and enforcement of this chapter.” The GCPD encourages stakeholder participation in the rule-making process to implement the statute.


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